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Self Drive Minibus Hire

One reason why people go on a holiday is because they view it as their getaway or escape, albeit temporarily: their escape from their gruelling work schedule, their escape from the harsh demands of school, their respite from their responsibilities to their family, and so on. It is a simple concept, really. Instead of having to endure the presence of a stranger within your group, you can take not just a small measure of comfort that the one who has your safety (and the fate of your whole trip) in the palm of his hand is someone you are familiar with and whom you trust. We at Minibus Hire Chelmsford would not take it against you if you prefer this option because we do recognize the difficulty in putting your trust on a stranger. We want you to be comfortable in more ways than one during your trip and forcing the presence of someone you barely know does not make for a worry-free trip.

Our self drive minibus hire is often availed of by groups of businessmen or corporate types who come to Chelmsford in the hopes of mixing business with pleasure. In short, while taking in the sights during the trip from one attraction to another, they are most likely to discuss business matters, most of which are of a delicate nature not meant for the ears of outsiders. They could discuss confidential matters among themselves without the fear that any of it would leak out.

We only ask one simple thing from you: that you care for our minibus as if it were your own. You see, we will provide you with a minibus that will live up to your expectations, both in style and in performance. Your end of the bargain that you must fulfil is to return it to us in the same condition it was handed to you. That means we expect that your designated driver is one who is licensed, qualified and competent when it comes to driving. While in-depth familiarity with the routes of Chelmsford is a definite plus, basic knowledge and more than sufficient navigating skills would be much appreciated. That way, you wouldn't end up driving around in circles.

If you do end up driving in circles, do not worry. Minibus Hire Chelmsford will still be on hand to assist you. Just because we do not assign our driver to you does not mean you are no longer our customers. Even if your concern is unrelated to transport, feel free to approach us and let us know about them.

There are added perks to hiring a self drive minibus hire from Minibus Hire Chelmsford. Aside from the knowledge that you will be driving through the city on a sophisticated set of wheels with no hiccups and no mechanical defects, you will also be able to benefit from the add-ons that we have installed in our minibuses. While it is normal to see minibuses and other vehicles with an entertainment system setup, the one found in our Chelmsford minibuses are state of the art. Even the quality of the drink coolers that we have set up in our vehicles is nothing to balk at. That alone is proof of how much we care about your well-being.

This is your trip, this is your time. We do not want to get in the way of your enjoyment of Chelmsford. That is why Minibus Hire Chelmsford has designed our services to revolve around the specific needs of our customers. Just as we trust you with our minibuses, you can trust us with your entire trip.

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