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Coach Hire Chelmsford

Welcome to Chelmsford, a fledgling where cityhood is concerned, but an oldie in terms of heritage and history. Under normal circumstances, one would think that this blend is a recipe for disaster, but not so with this city. Chelmsford was granted city status only in June 2012, but it has been on the progressive road long before that. One sure sign that this place has been on the up and up since before is the presence of various transport and railway systems and the utilization of more than a few primary routes. This has greatly facilitated the growth of this city in terms of tourism. But those are not the only options available to tourists. There is another – much better – alternative to braving the crowds by commuting: coach hire.

Coach hire is ideal for large travelling groups or contingents who want to move through the city without being separated from the others. Many tour groups utilize coaches instead of tour buses, and you should, too, if you are planning a trip to Chelmsford with your group of friends or family any time soon. Not only does it keep your group intact, it will also be easier on your finances. You see, the more people there are riding in one coach, the more contributors there would be for the hiring fee of the coach. If you get your coach from Coach Hire Chelmsford, you will even have the added advantage of getting the service you need from the company that offers the cheapest rates in town.

It would be wrong to underestimate what Minibus Hire Chelmsford can give you. Cheap coach hire though it may be, but you can rest easy knowing that the quality of service can never be described as cheap. Where else can you have a smooth ride on a classy coach, complete with drink coolers and an on-board entertainment system, and driven by the friendliest driver you've ever met in your life? Only in Chelmsford, and only with Minibus Hire Chelmsford.

Being friendly is not the only trait that our drivers are known for. We can assure you that they have all the necessary qualifications and training that will allow you to trust them with your safety without any reservations. But, of course; we wouldn't entrust any of our coaches to them otherwise. They will also take the time out to take on the role of a tour guide, showing you around the city instead of simply driving you. You will be amazed at the wealth of information that they will be able to share with you, and you will have all those information on good authority, seeing as our drivers are true-blue Chelmsfordians.

We did say you will have a smooth ride, didn't we? This is, in large part, down to our strict self-imposed standards of maintenance when it comes to every single coach in our fleet. Minibus Hire Chelmsford is known for having our own team of technicians and engineers who subject every vehicle in our workshop to thorough checks before releasing them. This way, complications are nipped at the bud before they can become real problems and all our coaches are kept in a condition as if they are still brand new. We are proud to say that breakdowns and mechanical failures in the middle of a trip are unheard of in our fleet.

So, welcome to Chelmsford, a city where you'll find yourselves delightfully caught between the old and the new, and whose charms and offerings you can enjoy to the fullest, especially with the assistance of the best Chelmsford coach hire provider in town, Minibus Hire Chelmsford.

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