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Minibus Hire Chelmsford

What, to you, makes a perfect holiday destination? Outdoor adventure, perhaps? Maybe relaxing time indoors, curled up with a good book? Or maybe you want to learn things and retrace the footsteps to the past, so to speak.Minibus Hire Chelmsford is but one of the many companies in the city of Chelmsford who are in the business of providing a dedicated means of transport to everybody who needs it. Although a huge bulk of our customer base is mostly composed of visitors and tourists, there are also a large number of locals who also avail of minibus hire services, especially when there is a large number of people who require transportation. Competition is quite stiff, but there is no denying that Minibus Hire Chelmsford is safely ensconced at the top of the heap, and for entirely justifiable reasons.

The first of these reasons is the range of services that our company offers to our customers. A Chelmsford minibus from the much-admired Minibus Hire Chelmsford fleet is of such high quality that it can provide a number of services. Aside from the regular minibus hire with driver service where passengers are ferried to any destination in town, they also work very well as airport minibuses. Such is their reliability – both on the road and off – that we are confident enough to let our customers drive them, in the event that they prefer to avail of our self drive minibus hire service.

Why do we have such confidence in our fleet, you ask? Well, for one thing, upon procurement, their standard of quality is already decidedly high, as evidenced by the top manufacturing companies that we purchase them from. To improve on this quality, we even added some features that truly set us apart from our competitors. Because we know how important it is for you to feel fresh and cool, we have added drink coolers in every minibus. And as if the air-conditioning wasn't enough, we even had the roofs configured so they could be slid open and you can experience some open air sightseeing in the comfort of your own minibus. Longing for some good music or a fun show? That's what our on board entertainment system is for. So you see, you'd almost feel like you're at home, kicking back and relaxing.

Yet another reason why we are a force to be reckoned with in the minibus hire business is our manpower. We know how important it is to hire not just the right person for the job, but to get the best person for the job. As a result, we have a solid support services team who are always on hand to assist you with your every need. Even if you need assistance on something unrelated to the minibus you hired, say, making reservations at this or that restaurant or booking tickets at a certain event, you know we're always ready to serve you. Apart from that, we also have a technical staff composed of highly trained technicians and auto engineers who are working tirelessly in our exclusive maintenance workshop. They take their job seriously, seeing as it is directly related to the safety and security of the customers. After each trip and before being released for the next trip, a minibus will be inspected thoroughly to make certain that there are no potentials for breakdowns or mechanical defects.

Now let's move on to the people who will be in direct contact with you throughout your trip: the drivers. There is a reason why the drivers of Minibus Hire Chelmsford are receiving the respect and admiration that they do from our customers and even our competitors. That is because they conduct themselves with such professionalism but still remaining warm and friendly to their passengers. They could even take on the role of a tour guide, possessed as they are of in-depth knowledge about their city, Chelmsford. All our customers in the past always remarked at how polite, friendly and well-rounded our drivers are. We would like to take all the credit for that, but that wouldn't be right. We only take credit in the fact that we set the standards and they were the ones who were able to live up to it, allowing them to get into our drivers' pool. They are the reason behind the great success of our minibus hire with a driver.

But that's not all there is to it. If you are keen on the cheap minibus hire Chelmsford companies offer, Minibus Hire Chelmsford also remains at the top. After all, we offer the cheapest minibus hire rates in the area, a fact that you can be sure will not change at any time in the future.

Sure, you can visit Chelmsford any time you want and spend your much-deserved break any way you see fit. But remember that your Chelmsford experience will never be complete unless you allow us, Minibus Hire Chelmsford, to take you around the city.

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